About the Film



Nova Scotia. 1976. The weekend of the American Bicentennial. When 15-year-old Kit decides that living with his father is too repressive, he hits the road to move in with his mother. Accompanied by his girlfriend Alice, Kit will explore his very core - his sexuality, his sense of place and self - in an attempt to find a place to call home.

Did You Know?

WEIRDOS won Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress at the Canadian Screen Awards! In addition, it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Edit (Duff Smith), Best Best Costume (Bethana Briffet), and Best Production Design (Matt Likely). 

Weirdos marks Bruce McDonald’s return to the road trip, a genre which he gravitates towards as seen in his multiple past classics like HARDCORE LOGO and HIGHWAY 61

Molly Parker (of Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS) has stated “ I love this movie. It’s my favourite movie.” High praise from such a busy and talented actor!

Julia Sarah Stone has recently landed a lead role in Luc Dery’s (INCENDIES, ENEMY, MONSIEUR LAZHAR) A WORTHY COMPANION opposite Evan Rachel Wood. A wonderful talent, Julia Sarah’s star is climbing and we can’t wait to see what she has up next.

Though not autobiographical, the film - written by Daniel MacIvor - is pulled from his own memories and experiences of growing up on the east coast of Canada in the 1970s. 

The film was shot in late 2015 on the east coast of Canada, taking advantage of Nova Scotia’s maritime ruggedness and beauty. The film is compiled from locations literally all over Nova Scotia, ensuring we captured as much of the province as possible. 

The entire team of the film - cast and crew alike - have all fallen in love with the soundtrack. We loved it so much it became the score to both the wrap party and for our premier party at TIFF. Every song is CANCON, meaning it is made by Canadians and would have been played on Canadian stations across the country.